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Aug 21, 2007
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Lake In The Hills, IL
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I'm just over 80 posts but haven't taken the chance to introduce myself.

Name is Ryan and I'm currently in Lake In The Hills, IL.

Currently I'm an Electronic Technician working for one of the worlds best known product safety companies. Yes, I get paid to break things.

My main Photography interests would be Landscapes and Wildlife. Portrait and people photography doesn't really do anything for me though I give a great deal of credit to those who do it and do it well.

Bought my Nikon D80 after I got back from Hawaii this year. Got bit by the Photography bug while on Kaua'i using my point and shoot. Took film photography classes in High School (12 years ago).

Other interests are Marine Aquariums and Mountain Biking, though my Trek Fuel has been collecting dust since I got married. I've found that since I got married I'm busier than ever.

So far the Photo Forum seems to be a great place with many knowledgeable people hanging around. I've learned quite a bit just by searching. You may not see me post many questions as I've found most of my questions have been answered by using the search feature.

See ya out and about on the forum...:)
Hi Ryan, welcome aboard.

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