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New and wanted to say hello and ask a few questions


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Mar 9, 2009
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Northern California
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Hi all,

I'm new to the forum and have been finding everyone's posts so informational and interesting. I'm a mother of 4 who loves taking photo's of my children as a hobby . I really would like to get into the professional side but I'm just not quite sure where I need to start such as which equipment to purchase. I currently own a Canon Rebel XTI and am looking to upgrade to a Canon 50D. I have struggled with the idea of switching to the Nikon D300 but since I already have a couple Canon lenses (18-55 and 18-200mm), I thought maybe I should go with the 50D. I would like to purchase a good Portrait lens (maybe a 50 or 85mm) and a good sports lens (200 or 300mm), but have no idea which lenses are good. I want something on the professional side but nothing too overly expensive either. The camera can be purchased with an 28-135mm lens but I'm not sure if I would need it, if I buy the 2 lenses I'd like, or if it may be to similiar to the two lenses I already own. Any words of advice or comments would be greatly appreciated. Nice to meet everyone!!!

Hi Robin, and welcome to TPF!!

I'm not sure a lot of people will check the 'welcomes and intro' subforum for questions on camera/lens purchase advice. You might get more responses if you pose your question in another subforum. Or if you do a search here of terms like 'professional lens advice' (or something like that) there may be previous threads that have asked a similar question.

Good luck!

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