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Feb 22, 2009
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hi I am thinking about up grading in the canon family from my rebel xt to a more professional camera that had a raw setting, but cost is a factor. Does any one have any good or bad feelings about the

Canon EOS 450D
I have one and I like it. Its a great entry level camera.

I don't know the XT (350D) too well, but I did some quick reading and it seems to allow you to shoot in raw. Not sure what you mean by it not having a raw setting.

Its not that much more of a professional camera than you XT. Its a step up, but not a huge leap. If you want to start venturing into a more advanced camera, you'd be looking at the 40D or 50D.

Main differences I see are the bigger LCD screen on the XSI, Live View, a somewhat faster continuous shooting speed and a higher pixel count. I think the XSI is also lighter.

Its a great camera, but again, not sure if it warrants an upgrade from an XT...or if you will notice a huge difference.

What do you not like about your XT or what do you hope to get with the XSI (other than RAW, which should be available in both)?
Not worth the upgrade, not even close. If you want to stick with Canon spend a couple of extra bucks and do one of two things. Search for a nice used 40D (700+).

You can find 1D MKI's for 800.00 if you look around, and they are still awesome cameras, if you want to get 'serious' about photography there are huge benefits to a pro body.

Depends on budget. ;)
My problems are the limitation as a result of the lower level of megapixel and the raw deal but I am looking into that. If you are right and I am sure you are then I am not really interested in spending money on more or less a horizontal step in camera quality, when I could just as well get one of the lenses I would like.
I lower megapixels in the XT should not be a huge limiting factor, unless you are printing large prints or doing some major cropping after taking your pictures.

8mps should be more than adequate for regular shooting.

The issue may just be with your lens(es).

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