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Apr 30, 2003
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i just broke my nikon f5 and i am using my backup(f4s). any rumors on the f5 replacement? should i just buy a new f5 or wait for an f6? my dad has all the latest digital stuff so thats not a concern with me.... thanks for any input.......
Wow, I hear it's very hard to break the F5. Must be rough making a decision like that :p
so i dont follow headlines -- whats the scoop on the f6? coming soon ? features etc?........breaking the f5 was easy....climb on rope, swing into wall, hit wall, dico' shoulder and break camera.
It's just that I heard you could drop the F5 down a mountain and would still be fine.

I've never heard of the F6.
All i know is the f6 is coming soon... ill look for some links. i dislocated my shoulder once, didnt want to go to the hospital so i did the mel gibson/lethal weapon thing and put it back in myself. ouch.

hey voodocat - i thought they where tough too!!! it has been in the past, it just could not put up with my abuse this time....

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