New Child/baby Photography Workshop in St. Michaels Maryland

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    I've talked to the creator of this workshop, and it looks like it is really going to be good. I live and work in Maryland so it was a no-brainer when they asked me to speak there - of course I will - spend time at a beautiful place, hang out with a bunch of photographers, share my experiences of being a full time professional? I'm there :)

    So I thought I would share... (watch the slideshow on the front page, what a beautiful location!)

    Here's my website and blog - Jodie Otte, Baltimore Maryland Child and Baby Photographer ยป and Baltimore child and baby photographer, Jodie Otte since I haven't been around here as much, I've been doing some commercial gigs that had me tied up (hint: they are in People, InStyle, and Parents magazines among others ;))...


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