new EOS M 11 - 22mm lens. do i need it?


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Aug 6, 2013
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I have an EOS Mirroless micro 3/4 and I'm new to the DSLR game. I bought the following lenses:

EOS M 18 - 55 mm
EOS M prime 22 mm
mount adapter with a EF100 - 300 mm telephoto

I am aware that these numbers might have a relative increased 'equivalence' to a full DSLR, so if u know about that then it might affect your answer, but in general any input is still appreciated.

So now they are offering an EOS M 11 - 22 mm wide angle lens.

Do I need it? I thought that the above three lenses covered my possible needs very well, from my limited understanding. What would this new lens offer me as an all round beginner?
Please keep in mind that lens is just a tool, you are the only person know whether you need that tool or not. If you feel that the current setup cannot do what you want to do, an additional gear MAY be the solution. So the question to you is "Is 18mm wide enough for you?"
If you're a beginner, you're probably better off spending time improving your photography skills than spending more money.

However, the 11-22 is an ultrawide lens, and gives you a perspective that you won't be able to get with your other lenses. If you're into interior architecture or creative compositions then it would be a nice lens to have. 18mm is wide enough to get nice group shots and landscapes. Wider than that and you have to be careful of the inevitable distortion of some type or another (which can be used creatively).
Thanks, guys. I also have a gopro which takes really good stills/video (sufficient quality) for my needs anyway which can shoot in 130 and 170degree fisheye so I think my wide angle needs are covered on that case.

could you recommend any obvious lens from the canon lineup that would really be a good addition or do you think I have the basics well covered until I specialize in something? Based on your comment above about investing time now as opposed to money, I imagine I'm good to go with what I have?
That is correct. Personally, I believe lens purchase should be based on need. Of course, for someone money is not an issue, that's a different story. If someone often in a situation that make him/her say "Man, I wish I have a wider lens now", he/she should get a wider lens or find a way to take multiple shots and stitch them together.

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