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Jul 17, 2013
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So I have a canon 18-55mm and a 55-250mm lens, and I have been trying to think of what I should get next. My old photography professor told me that I cant go wrong with a 50mm fixed, I have also been told to go for a 35mm fixed lens. I mostly take photos of landscapes, outdoors, sports, and low lighting scenes. I'm on a tight budget so I will most likely be going to buy it used on ebay or craigslist (unless I get a deal somewhere else); My budget is about at a max of $250 so I have limited options. What would you suggest for me for a good third lens? Also should I invest in another a flash (I already have one built in but it cant really compare to an external flash)?
Probably the most common suggestion for someone in your position, is the 50mm F1.8...the so called 'Nifty Fifty'.

It's recommended so often because it's Canon's cheapest lens. I think it's $120 new. It would give you what your current lenses lack, a large maximum aperture. Also, because of it's simple design (and because it's a prime (non zoom)), it actually has pretty good image quality for such a cheap lens.

The problem with that it's Canon's cheapest lens. It is made with cheap plastic construction and the barrel with split into two if you drop it on the ground.

A much better choice would be the Canon 50mm F1.4. It's a bit outside your budget (new) but you may be able to find a used one.
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Your post sounds like you just want to buy a lens without a reason why you need another lens. Before buying a lens you need to elaborate why exactly you need another lens (Just wanting to have another lens does not count) and you also need to be able to explain how the lens you want to get is going to benefit you in what you plan on photographing.

At a budget of only $250 ether get the "nifty fifty" or save your money and get better glass.
I want to get a lens with a larger aperture. Mostly for low light (indoors) photos and blurred backgrounds, like Big Mike said about the 50mm that's what I already had in mind but I wanted someone else's opinion on the matter. I mean I could use a tripod but that's not convenient with others around (when indoors), another option would be to get a flash but i'm not sure where to go about that. I didn't really explain exactly what I wanted and I have an idea now.

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