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Apr 22, 2009
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Hey whats going on? I am new to Digital Photography. I know a little from messing around with the SLR's but digital is another ball park. I bought a Nikon D40 with Standard Lens. It takes good picks but I know I am limited because of the lens. I am learning as I shoot more so I am sure it will take time to figure it out.

I am ok with the still shots and so on. I went to the race track today to get some shots of some cars raceing and the results were dissappointing. Well when the cars were still I did ok, but when they were in motion it would get blurry. Even though I had it on action, most would come out blurry. One or two was cool. HEEEEEELLLLPPPPPPP

Thanks and that is my long introduction. LOL.
I was actually in Maryland at the race track. It was cool. I will see if I can add some of those pics.

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