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Jul 30, 2013
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Hi, my name is Angie and I currently have a Canon Eos Rebel XT that I am looking to upgrade. I have been doing some research and am very interested in the Canon Eos 6D. My husband is a little better with the camera than I am as far as the mechanical aspects, but I like to think that I have a better eye for things. I'm sure that I will have a ton of questions as time goes on and I'm hoping to get direction as those questions arise.

:) Thank you for having me.
Welcome to the site.
Hello and welcome to the forum Angie!
Welcome aboard Angie.

In case you aren't aware of it...the 6D is a 'full frame' camera and thus it is not compatible with any EF-S lenses you might have already.
Any Canon EF lens would be fine for either camera, it's just that the EF-S lenses are designed for cameras with a slightly smaller sensor (which is actually most of their DSLR cameras).

So if you do go for a full frame camera, make sure that you have (or buy) lens(s) that will be compatible (EF).

If you do want to be able to use any of your existing lenses (and if they are EF-S), then you might consider something like the 7D or 60D or 70D. Each would be a nice upgrade from your Rebel, but still compatible with EF-S lenses.
Thank you for the information, Big Mike. I actually did take that into consideration. I will only be losing out on one telephoto lens with the upgrade (aside from the 18-55 mm kit lens that came with the camera). My thought was that I would buy the 6D with the 24-105 kit lens and still be able to use my 50mm EF lens.

I can start building lenses from there.

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