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Feb 4, 2016
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oklahoma city, ok
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started in 2009 after i bought a canon 300d i bought off craigslist for $100, then a 20d, and now a 60d i bought new a year ago is my main but i kept the 20d for a backup. i started out capturing photos of friends on trips to mountain bike parks and got heavily addicted from there. we had a son 2 years ago and have fallen into doing monthly pictures in a garage studio to make calendars for christmas presents. i now have people wanting me to do portraits of family and kids but looking to critique a bit more so i dont feel guilty for charging $. i have also done weddings for friends that could not afford a photographer just for the experience. i use 3 speedlights at the moment for studio since i had them for outdoor use with different umbrellas and octagon umbrella softbox's
Welcome to the Forum. Refreshing to hear about someone that does what works to get the shot. Most of the equipment advance from what you have to the best studio equipment is for your convenience and ease of use, not better photos.
If you've got a tough skin you can get as much coaching and as many comments as you can stand. If you consider each personal opinion as valuable input (good or bad, nice or ugly) you will become a better photographer.
Start posting some photos in the C&C areas and have fun with it.........................
Another Okie here! Great-granddad was an '89er and made the land run.

My group eventually ended up in NE Oklahoma (green country).


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