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May 20, 2007
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Bolivar, MO
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After working 15+ hour days for a 2-week business trip to Philadelphia, I came back to a handful of messages from people wanting to book shoots, figure prices, etc.

It was at this point that I realized - for my own good, photography should stay a hobby.

I rebelled, only called back those that I knew, and bought something that won't ever have job requirements.

and bought something that won't ever have job requirements.

Depends on how good you get. I bet photography didn't start out with job requirements. :mrgreen: Enjoy.
Photography is a tough racket. Glad you figured that out before too much damage was inflicted. PM me if you are selling any photo gear.

Love & Bass

haha no way, not selling the gear, just relaxing a little and letting photography get back to the fun. The past month was a good break away from it, and I am thrilled about a couple upcoming shoots.
I know exactly what you mean. My month of March is absolutely nuts (7 days a week minimum 16 hours a day, and most more than that from March 1 to April 7).

I had a plan to slowly go pro with the photography over the course of 2009 but now I am seriously thinking things over. First off, there is no possible way the income could even touch 10% of what I am doing with my business... and it is VERY true that once your hobby turns pro, a lot of the pleasure disappears.

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