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Oct 2, 2015
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Hamburg, Germany
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Hi everyone

I've "maintained" photography as an actual hobby for about four years by now, and, after using all the local support I could get, decided to head for the online community.
My first camera was a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT1, with which I wasn't happy at all.
I then bought a Canon EOS 400D (EOS Rebel XTi in northern America), which I got pre-used for 230 €, noticing too late that it was about 1/3 tape (it would turn off if tilted to the left).
With the camera came an EF-S 18-200mm lens which was in a just as bad condition.
But the set was still better than the Lumix, and my "actual start" into photography.
Last year I'd finally enough money to buy a new camera that matched my requirements (the hobby is funded by pocket-money, so there's not much of a budget).
I sold the 400D for about 100€, and could afford a Canon 700D (Canon Rebel T5i in northern America) which was sold as a package with an EFS 18-55mm lens.
I paired that with a second battery from a brand called iiquu (much cheaper, but almost as good as Canon), and a decent tripod.
Half a year later I got an EF-S 55-200mm lens for christmas, and started using an inherited Leica-tripod (that is stuck in the folded position, about 20cm long) as a vertical grip.
That was all I had for a long time, until I could afford a polarisation-filter and a remote-control release last week.
Now I hope to get better at photography, to "live up" to the cameras capabilities.
Also, of course, I'll see if I can give someone some helpful advice.

Until soon,

Welcome from the east coast of the US, Maryland to be exact.

I lived in Germany near Frankfurt for 5 years and have been back a few times to enjoy the country and drink the beer.


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