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Aug 4, 2013
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Hello all, my name is Sasha I am originally from the Los Angeles area but currently live in Idaho. I was never really into photography and then it happened. You see I am very “addicted” to fly fishing especially fishing in places that are off the beaten path. I used to take along my P&S camera but I was never really happy with the pictures. Yes the pictures came out but they didn’t capture the moment quite right.

Then about three years ago I was given a D3000 as a gift. I basically learned how to use it by trial and error plus some reading. I ended up getting different lenses and mostly use the 60mm micro 2.8 on it now. It is kind of a pain using that lens as I have to manually focus it due to the lack of a motor on the D3000 body. I also use the 18-55 VR and 55-200 on the camera.

Yes I know the 3000 is low end but I had wanted to get more proficient before moving on. I am now at the point where I am looking at new cameras; I am thinking D7100 but am open to suggestions. I am mostly here so that I can learn even more about my newfound hobby. It is funny; at first I was glad to have it so I could photograph my fishing trips. Now I would say that half the reason I go fishing these days, is so that I can take pictures and further develop my skills.

Here are a several pictures that I have taken of some of my trips:






Welcome to TPF! Can I get an "Awwwwwwwwwwww" for the duckling shot?


The bird in that shot is not a duck :sexywink:

Same bird a little later with my youngest son...

Welcome to the site.
Hello and welcome to the forum Sasha!
Welcome to TPF, Sasha! Some cute images you have here. :) Please take a look at our Gallery section - lots of different categories where you can post more of your work for us!

Thanks all, I hope to learn a lot and contribute what I can. However, with some of the photos I have seen here, I am almost embarrassed to post my stuff.

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