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New here + 10 Scenery pics


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Apr 7, 2006
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San Diego, CA
Hey everyone - greetings and salutations. My name is Natalie and i'm 21 years old. I just want to say before i post any pictures that i've taken a look at a lot of posts with pictures and i'm amazed. It really blows me away with how much talent you all have, and that inspires me so much more to live up to one of my dreams in becoming a good photographer. Unfortunately, i only have a digital camera to start off with. My dream is to get a really good film camera and create my own dark room. That should be in the works by the end of summer. =] Well to start off with, here are some photos i have taken within the year. Hope you enjoy.

Sunrises (taken in my neighborhood):



Playing around with lights:



Trip to Oahu, Hawaii:




Night time:


Redwoods (taken with a crappy digi cam 5.0 megapixel):


Also at the redwoods-i thought this closely resembled an arrow pointing to the right:

Welcome to the forum.

You have some nice shots here, we look forward to seeing more.
welcome aboard

nice collection of photos here. i particularly like the first and third
welcome to TPF! I find it interesting that you want to go to film, rather then digital. I just dumped all my Canon Film equipment, for next to nothing, to go to Digital. You should be able to find some great deals out there.

When I was shooting film, I might run 10 rolls of 36exp. film through a year., Now I shoot about 60,000 frames a year with my digi Nikons. With much better success ratio... please tell me your thoughts on going film.

looking fwd to more posts from you!
nice series, i like 1 (awesome color and love your comp), 5 (hawaii is just beautiful), & 2nd from last (could use a boost in contrast i think). sometimes it may help to number them when there are so many, in case someone wants to comment on just one or 2 in the series. welcome to tpf, can't wait to see more...:thumbup:
Welcome to forum...nice shots love the first one, the Palomino and Hawaii my most favorite place in the world!

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