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Jul 3, 2003
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Oregon, USA
Hi, my name is Chuck, I go by Westone for no other reason than I’m in Oregon. A west coast city. I am enjoying watching the work and words of others, and hope to continue to do so for a long time. I am an oldie I guess. Started with the cameras a long time ago. I work with negatives and know that work best of all. I use Nikon gear, and have a Bessler 67C Color enlarger in the darkroom. I’m not up on the computer scan and such, so please don’t expect to see any of my work. I hope to continue to read and comment on this board from time to time. But please understand, I’m from the age of Zone systems, Latitudes of films, Black and White film, high contrast and tight grains. I now am shooting for effect. I am trying to shoot a picture that looks like a painting or a pencil sketch. I’m doing this with extreme close up work and High contrast films. Thanks for the board and the time it took you to read my two cents.

hi ... that sounds interesting the way u shoot ... i try to dibble and dabble a little

Another "zoner" - great to have you around, Chuck

Whilst you might not be able to share your work, i have no doubts the skills you bring to this Board will be an enormous asset...



Oregonians are 8)

From yrs 1.5-9 I went from Grants Pass to Eugene to Salem to Portland and 9-11 Vancouver.
Thanks for the welcome from all you photographers. And to all you that spend time in Oregon ---- :D


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