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Mar 23, 2009
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Hello from Fort Myers, Florida. My name is Kristin, I'm 17 and I've been doing photography for 3 years. I use a Kodak EasyShare C643 and a Kodak EasyShare Z760, right now I am searching for a new camera but I'm unsure on what type of camera to get. Idk what else to say about myself, I'm kinda nervous...sorry!
Welcome to the forum.

You will get a lot of advice about camera's here ... even advice you do not want to hear.

Don't be nervous ... this is the Web after all.
Hey, I'm new too, so it's alright.

Using a point and shoot is fine, as long as the quality is right, but you will love being able to play with all the settings on a DSLR. I love my new Sony A200 Alpha, but I am not going to say it is the greatest. It isn't. haha

Hi and welcome to the phorum.

Looking foreward to see your photos.
hello hun dont be nervous always good to hear the great the good and bad on what ppl have to say. well welcome to the forum im new too =] p.s FL all the way =]
Hey, welcome too :) What kind of photography do u like to do?
I like your avatar btw, those comics are funny

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