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    Just joined tonight about 20 minutes ago or so.

    Been a member of the original Nikon-digest mailing list started in the mid-late '90s, then, joined the NikonMF Yahoo group in 2002-03ish. Joined at Nikonians in 2004, and been a fairly active poster there, eventually becoming a moderator for the manual focus film body forum and for the F4/F5/F6 forum. More recently, I joined Been a little less active there than I have at Nikonians.

    Anyway, started doing photography in 1984 with a Honeywell Pentax H3v with 55/1.8 Super-Tak that my aunt gave me for my 9th birthday. In 1987, the H3v was on its last legs, so I retired it and my father handed down his Nikomat FTn with 50/2 Nikkor-H and 2x teleconverter. Shot that for about 10 years, adding a Nikkormat FT2 with 50/2 Nikkor-HC and a Nikon FM2n, as well as a 55/2.8 Micro-Nikkor AIS and a 135/2.8 Nikkor.

    In 1997, I sold off both 'mats, and picked up a well-worn black FM. That body died about two weeks after I got it, due to my reattaching the leatherette with superglue. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that the superglue went into the lens release mechanism, gumming that up. Sent the body in for repairs. Instead, wound up replacing the body with another, since it was too costly to repair. Also added another Nikomat FTn in spring '98, plus a 200/4 Nikkor-Q and some other glass. Wasn't until 2004 before any more photo gear purchases occured, namely addition of another FTn, a 105/2.5 AIS, and replacement of the FM and the FM2n with an F3P. Since then, I've had a real bad case of NAS.

    Photography-wise, I typically shoot landscape, with some miscellaneous things mixed in, as evidenced by my flickr photostream.



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