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    I am new here and relatively new to photography. Last year my husband and I bought a fujifilm digital camera for his business and I started to play with the features on it. about 6 months ago I found a Canonet in a box of stuff from my in-laws and started to play with film and 2 weeks ago I found at a garage sale a Nikon F55/N55. The auto focus doesn't work and I am not sure if it is the lens or the camera but either way I am not worried as I can manually focus it. I raided my dads camera bag and made off with all his filters 8 in total and so I am playing with those on the Fujifilm as they only fit that camera without an adapter ring. I am also in the process of getting together my own darkroom so I can stop paying someone to develop my film. For my digital pictures I use Photoshop or at least I used to until my computer stopped working; now I am waiting for my husband to salvage it and the pictures off the old hard drive and put it on the new one until then I am using a free photo editor.


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