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Dec 31, 2015
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I haven't been doing photography long, in fact i got my first camera 2 years ago for Christmas after my father saw my pictures that were taken with a tablet (not my best work lol). He told me to never stop taking pictures, and since his passing I've tried very hard to honor that for him. I have 2 handsome sons that are my main photo subjects ;) but I have also done shoots for friends and siblings.

Unfortunately I really dont know much about my camera and I would like to learnas much as I can, I would love to make a career out of photography one day :). So I'm here to learn and hopefully get some input and criticism on my own photos I've done as of now. (I'm currently on my phone so i will try to upload a couple photos).

One area I know I need to work on is editing, I haven't done much in photoshop at all, i typically try to take photosthat dont "need" editing in my eyes, but not knowing what I'm doing there has swayed me away from using it lol. Hoping for some input here as well.

Anyways, I'm very excited to get to know some more people who share the interest and can teach me a few things :)


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Welcome aboard.
Welcome to TPF. We always need new people to join up! Pretty soon we will have enough for a frosh quidditch team!
Welcome. I too, got the bug/ gene from my dad. He passed away at 59 and I am trying to pass on the Irish photo gene to other younger relatives.
You will learn a lot here. There are a lot of parents here with advice on kid photos.

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