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Feb 6, 2012
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Albany, NY
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Photography has always been my thing since I took my first photography class. Ive now owned my own company for six years, shot too many weddings to count. While I constantly get nothing short of amazing reviews, I can honestly say Im not 100% happy with my final product all the time. I have sat with a bride and gone over photos and while she is sitting there with tears in her eyes telling me she loves it and she cant remember me being there to get "that moment" ~ all the while in my head I m telling myself all the things I could have done better. I love what what I do but I want to improve at only 6 years in I know Im still young blood in the photography field. Im hoping to read and view and learn from everyone here..
Welcome, and as it seems you know there is always room to learn & improve.

Post a photo or two for critique, it's guaranteed that you will get some strong feedback to help you improve what needs improving, and/or get some positive feedback, as applicable :)

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