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    This is from the latest Rangefinder magazine:

    Unique Leica and New Book Commemorate 9/11

    At the prompting of Italian-born amateur photographer, John Botte, Leica has agreed to make a film camera that commemorates the 9/11 attacks in 2001. The Botte-designed camera is made from a solid block of titanium. Botte, a New York City detective, used his own Leica in 2001 to record the aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy. Although Botte contracted lung disease following 9/11, he agreed with HarperCollins to put out a book of his best 9/11 images. That book is expected sometime in 2006.

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    I assume that this is one of the M series commemorative models that they do from time to time. I like the look of some of the special MPs, although not enough to pay the price they go for.

    The next big noise from Leica should be the digital M, if internet gossip is to be believed. Now that will be interesting.


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