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New Lens Fun!


hmm I recognise this place! And some of you!
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May 1, 2008
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So something shiny and new (indeed my first new lens in utterly ages!) has arrived!

It came in the afternoon so I only just got a few quick snaps with it just to see how it performs





And the new lens in question? RF 100-500mm f/4.5-7.1L - mounted for these shots on an R6MII

Early impressions:
1) This lens is LIGHT - 70-200mm f2.8 light! For what its packing this is a fantastic weight for an all day easily useable lens.

2) It's plenty sharp even when wide open at the longer end. Stopping down a little helps, but this lens is still performing great. Sure a prime will 100% beat it, but its certainly good quality.

3) Focusing feels decent for the scope of what the lens has to do in terms of its overall focusing range. Granted I've not given it an extensive test, but its certainly feeling good and smooth.

4) The tension ring on mine is going to likely live being set on. When its off yes everything movers very smoothly, but lens will creep if its tilted up or down, very readily. Simply a factor of smooth operating parts and heavy glass. With the tension ring fully on the zoom is still very easily turned, it just won't do it on its own.

5) IS and AF are both super quiet

I'll be going to a show end of the month so that's really going to give the lens a proper varied test in an environment that it should be ideally suited for and just the kind of occasion I chose it for. Beating primes because of its varied focal length and beating my 70-200mm through just giving me that bit more reach when needed, esp on a fullframe camera body. I hope it will let me cut down on a lot of cropping that I otherwise often find I have to do at such events.
I considered trading in my RF100-400 but simply cannot justify the price difference. However glad you are enjoying for sure!
Looks like a solid performer...enjoy!
Thanks guys :)

I considered trading in my RF100-400 but simply cannot justify the price difference. However glad you are enjoying for sure!

Yeah I suspect if I had a 100-400mm it would be hard to justify the upgrade over just getting a more expensive longer prime.
My other longer zoom is the Sigmar 120-300mm f2.8, which is bigger and heavier. Great lens but its always been a bit of a pain for me. It's just that bit too big and heavy for an event but its that bit too short for proper walking-around wildlife. I've still held onto it, but its just stuck in a tricky spot for me.

Of course it gives me way better light gathering which is the only downside of the 100-500. I think if this were going on my 7D (ok it can't actually mount it but imagine it could) I don't think I'd be as thrilled with that max aperture, but on the R6MII the ISO range is just so easy to make those smaller apertures practical.
Its a fantastic lens from what i have read, and seriously thought about upgrading. But i'm anything but a pro so my RF100-400 will suffice LOL. I do use a 1.4X TC to get a bit extra reach so basically i have a 140-560 lens LOL.
congrats on the new lens!
So much glass, so little time. Enjoy!

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