New lens - new technique. Grand premiere!


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Sep 8, 2005
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Oslo Rooock City
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:lol: I got you in here. Better show you something then.

Yesterday, I bought a new zoom lens, 70-300mm, and because of the weather, I haven't had much time to play with it. Anyway, the local graveyard is pretty shielded from the rain, because of all the trees, so I figured that would be a ok location. Since it is a zoom lens, I had to try out the technique that everyone is talking about - zooming. Here is the result:
(ps. - be honest. I deserve all critique I can get - it's my first try!)

i like it.... it makes my eyes go kinda funny!...... but its an interesting effect to use for a cem shot...... keep tryin em foffen :thumbup:
I like it too. My eyes cant seem to focus on one cross or the other.
Same here with the focus thing, it seems to focus on the bit where they both cross over, but when you look at that bit it doesn't hold the same shape... ARGH! Nice shot. :)
:D Thank you Chiller and JJP for your comments, I really, really appreciate them. I agree with the focus thing, IMO it almost feels as the cross is coming towards us.

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