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May 26, 2003
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I'm using an old Nikon FE I got from my dad, and I recently bought a 28-135 vivitar lens, on consinment, for $140 CDN. I've been plagued with problems, it's sticky, and annoying, and is costing about $80 for its first month (CDN again) in repairs. Should I just take it in and try and get it fixed, or give up? I don't know much about that brand, or that lens, but it seems to be quite problematic.

I'm not familiar with that brand either, but I'd return it to the place of purchase if that's still an option.
As a general rule of thumb I never buy lenses, or cameras for that matter, without trying them first. I always bring a roll of film with me (12 exposures is good enough) and shoot a few pics right there in the store. You won't really know how you're going to like the lens until you get some real experience with it, but at least you'll have an idea. If you're buying used you should always do this and look for any defects in the lens such as scratches.
Also whenever I buy a lens I always purchase a lens filter at the same time. I just pick up a clear lens filter (I think they're generally referred to as a 1A filter). It'll help protect the lens from scratches and only costs about $15-20. If you ever scratch the filter just toss it and buy a new one. You won't be crying quite as long as you would be if you scratched the actual lens.
Like I mentioned earlier I don’t have any experience with the Vivitar lenses, but I do own a Sigma lens and I really liked it. It was good quality and it’s held up pretty well. Tamron lenses are suppose to be better then the sigma’s, but I haven’t had any experience with those lenses either. All I’ve ever used is Sigma and Pentax lenses, but I guess the Pentax lenses wouldn’t help you any would they?
BTW…Tamron lenses are usually interchangeable with other brands. You can buy mounts for the Tamron lenses that will attach to different types of cameras. Say for example you find a good deal on a Tamron lens, but it’s for a Pentax camera then you can most likely purchase a mount that will allow you to use it with your specific brand of camera (Nikon.)
It sounds from your description that the lens needs a good cleaning and lubrication, but make sure someone at the shop is an authorized camera repair person. One trip to the repair shop should do it without having to keep going back.

you have to ask yourself is it worth it. in my opinion, one good repair job from the shop should have done it. but if you took it once and you are still having might want to consider taking others' advice and try some lenses out while your in the shop. of course, thats just my opinion,...i could be wrong. :wink:


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