New Lights, new Picture :)

Digital Matt

alter ego: Analog Matt
Jan 30, 2004
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Santa Barbara, CA
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Hey gang,

I'm so excited, because 2 320ws Alien Bees strobes arrived today, complete with stands, umbrellas (two shoot through and 1 reflector), and one 24"x36" softbox.

No more homemade light rigs, and bouncing the light off of 50 different surfaces to get a shot.

After a long photo shoot with Marge, I have a lot of nice shots and a lot of processing to do, but here's one we both loved.

(still on the pearls kick :p)


For this shot I just used the softbox on the left. 1/200 at f/11.
top job Matt :thumbup:
WOW Looks great... WHERE did you get your lights.. I was showing my husband some that I would love... These do NOT have the huge unbrellas though...
awesome.......... if i hadn't already nominated 'Serpentine' fo POTM it would be this one........ good to see you using your new toys so soon.... hope you can do more..... the light is just great in this image, brilliant capture :thumbup:
What an AWESOME photo Matt.
But expect nothing but the best from you!!
Great shots..can't wait to see some of the others. =)

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