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Jul 22, 2003
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Cloverdale B.C. Canada
New Look Photo is my new web and home based business. I'm not far from being up and running.
Right now the page I have is temporary as I'm working on a new site with more detail.
I would put down more info for you here but maybe just visit the site and you can get a better idea what New Look Photo is all about. :wink:
Thanks in advance for visiting and for any comments you may have. Either e-mail them to me or just post them here. :D
i took a peek at your portfolio .. you got some good stuff over there :)
thats a great idea ... i know i've been spending the past few days resizing photos ... im building my first website :shock: ... with a little assistance from the hubby and Adobe GoLive :)
if i hear about someone in need ... i'll throw them your way ... also, at my hubby's company they do a lot of retouch work, and more times than not, they could always use an extra hand to meet their deadlines :)
Nice site you have there Conk. Loads nice and quick and the images are very impressive. Love the woman in her rollers :D Can't wait to see your next one.

Quick question: I have dabbled in html but I always forget certain coding. What code did you use on here to link your logo to your site?

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