New Macbook

Many people are waaaay to concerned with having the newest and most up to date thing possible, when all you have to do is look after what you have. If its broke, fix it!!
I know what you're talking about the bulging battery. After two years of my white Macbook that started happening and it scared the heck out of me. I lucked in though because with my disability, OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program for those who don't know what it is) had an assistance program for students with disabilities and actually paid for me to get a new MacBook Pro with 500 GB. Never had a problem since (minus the fan sometimes going into overdrive). But I do get what you're talking about, not liking to switch after getting so used to something. But at least I finally have a system that's lasted longer than two years (I've gone through FOUR laptops in the past eight years -_- They always break or stop working (or in one case stolen) and having one now that actually works and doesn't give me too much nice.))
This is awesome, I just upgraded to a used MacBook Pro 2.0 i7

But... My BlackBook 2.4 Core Duo is still going strong!

I love apple

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