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Feb 15, 2009
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Hi all, I've finally decided to take the step and get an entry level DSLR camera. A professional photographer friend of mine took some shots of my car a few years ago and I loved them! On top of that, a couple of close friends also picked up some DSLR cameras, and my little point and shoot can't keep up :)

My problem is, the more I research the entry level cameras, the more indecisive I become. I'm looking into these so far:

D40: Very low cost, I can get a d40 w/kit lens and a 55-200mm VR for less than I can get an XSi, and a little more than a D60 costs.

XS/1000D: Friend of mine had this camera, I've read a review and the D60 was said to outperform it, so I've overlooked the XS

XT: Friend of mine has this camera, I haven't played with it myself

D60: After reading about it outperforming the XS, I pretty much had my mind set for a while on this camera, but when I read about it vs the XSi, I was torn yet again

XSi: The best of the bunch it looks like, but also the biggest loss of money if I decide to not keep photography as a serious hobby. For the price of just the XSi and the not-so-great kit lens, I could have a D40 with two great starter lens'

I think so far I'm swaying towards the D40, mainly because of cost, but also because Ken Rockwell for some reason swears by the D40. I'm not 100% sure as to what I want yet, any advice would be great. I figured I could start with the D40, and if/when I want to upgrade, it'll be farther down the road, and I can skip the other entry level cameras.
Welcome aboard.
welcome to the forums.

Every camera can be a great camera, don't get too hung up over which brand. Look for one that fits well in your hands and fits your current budget, and jump in and get it.

The grass is always greener, so they say. If you get the D80, you'll hear about the XSI doing this and that, if you get the XSI, you'll see pics of a D80 better than yours...

Its not the box, its the person using it. So if you will be content with a D80 and the two lenses, go for that. If you will always have a nagging voice saying you should get the XSI, get that. Its a personal choice as all the cameras are good choices.

Lot's of great info here to help you decide..
D40's a bit tricky as a lot of lenses won't autofocus with it. I would say at least get the D60.

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