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Aug 18, 2015
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Hello everyone! I have been photographing for almost 10 years now and use a Nikon D5100. I love to shoot a wide variety of things, but I especially love to catch people in the element of their culture and everyday life. Along with people and street photography, I have explored fashion, landscape, travel, and fine art photography.

I just launched a website: Danielle Leigh Photography and welcome feedback!

I am currently taking classes at the New England School of Photography and I am interested in continuing to develop my photography and get into documentary photography. I am really interested in getting my photos out there and am open to any advice on best practices for exposure.

Thanks for having me!
Welcome. If you are looking for help or critique you have come to the right place!
There are a few members from the area. I am down at the Cape Cod Canal for the summer, but I see a few closer to you than me.
Have fun.

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