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Jun 16, 2006
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Hi everyone;)

I have benn snoopin in and around this forum for a while and it comes across a very friendly and helpful. My name is Peter and im originaly from the UK, but i have been living in Helsinki for the past decade.

I got into digital photography about eight years ago, and i havent put down a cam since. I suppose i started like everyone else, simple point and shoot, no intervention required. Then progressed through a range of cams offering increasing control. I currently use a digital SLR.

For the past twelve months or so i have concentrated on a diverse range of subjects, but have neglected lanscape and portrait photography. Something i will put right this summer.

I hope that what ever i can contribute to the forum will be of use to someone. Well folks, thats about it for now, talk to you soon.

welcome to the forum.

look forward to seeing you post
Hi Peter, welcome aboard.
A big Canadian welcome to the forum, Peter. Look forward to seeing your posts.

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