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Jul 10, 2015
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Hey, Kalven J, looking forward to posting and sharing experiences in Photography. Im not new to taking pictures but a new inspired Photographer wanting to share what I see through my lens. It is a wonderful challenge for me today to go about the cabin and discover the learning talent of Photography. Currently I frequent my wheelchair about 80% of the time, Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis has riddled my life so that I may become a Warrior of this monster. So with a huge smile and a chuckle I desire to journey to discover this fine art.

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Kalven J
Hey! welcome to TPF. We need some more Nor-Cal peeps here!
Good Morning... Thank you for the warm welcome.
I have a lung disease that makes it difficult for me to do much, as I get tired super easy. But I'm planning my next photo expedition (won't include a lot of walking). Used to live hard by the Mad River if you know where that is.

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