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Jan 23, 2016
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Hello all, I had been thinking about signing up for a photography forum for a while and finally pulled the trigger after lurking.

I started out taking a photography class in high school 15 plus years ago and then fell out off it for a while. A few years back the bug bit me again and I picked up a used Nikon D5000 for cheap. I've been learning quite a bit and have seen the quality of my pictures steadily improve, but I need help from more experienced people to help improve my technique and teach me post processing, and flash photography.

My main interest is aviation photography, but I also enjoy taking picture of other mechanical things, animals and starscapes.

I can't wait to dive in!

EDIT: just got home and edited for spelling/clarity.
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what parts?
Welcome aboard, from up the Bay a ways
Welcome. I'm from Fairfax and Braineack is close by.

The basic rule with this forum to get the most benefit from it is to follow the rules of Chicago voting: participate early and often!
Thanks for the warm reception! Any of you other local guys going to the open house at Udvar-Hazy next week?

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