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Jan 26, 2016
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Greetings from Texas! I am retired and recently got a Canon t5i DSLR camera to take photos of my 2 Shih Tzu both as a hobby and to post photos on a Shih Tzu forum that I am a member of. In the beginning of my photo journey, I was happy taking iPhone pics and forum posting of my light colored Tzu. Then I got a mostly black puppy! Well, why were my photos of him just showing a black mass of hair with no detail! So I had to research how to improve that. I had a budget of less than 1k. So my choice of the Canon t5i, based strictly on what I was able to internet search and on what I was able to comprehend what I read, at my noob level, I am happy with this camera at this point and my simple needs. I continue to do alot of reading and practicing to improve my photos. I have a Mac and am also learning Affinity Photo for post processing. All in all, even tho still primitive, I now do get photos showing detail of my cute little puppy's black face.

So, I am excited about becoming a member here. Sorry about the long intro, I am rather wordy! Attached photo seems rather big, I will hopeful learn better there as I am a member longer.
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Next step is to get a speedlight and get it off camera.
Thank you, I should have said that, I did get a 430 EX III speedlight when I started getting "pet eyes".
Thank you, I should have said that, I did get a 430 EX III speedlight when I started getting "pet eyes".
Ah, o.k. When the flash is close to the lens, (like on top of the camera) the light is flat and there is more reflection of the retina seen in the animal's eyes. Getting the flash moved to the right or left yields better light (modeling light) and there is less of the red-eye.

You can get a cable to plug into both the flash and your camera that will fire the flash. Or if you can, get a pair of radio frequency (RF) transceivers. One for the camera and one for the flash. Then you can mount the flash on a stand and still move around some with the camera.
Thank you. I am getting green eyes on my light colored dog. Those are harder to correct post processing than red eyes. So far I have made an improvement by bouncing the external speedlight off a side wall but as I advance my photography, I am sure I will begin to use it off camera.

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