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Jun 6, 2007
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I bought a Nikon FM2N today, and am having trouble working out how to use it. But just a few questions really -

Loaded a roll of film - Kodak Portra 160NC. Now what do I do with the 'ASA/ISO' control on the top face of the camera? Would I be right in assuming that I keep it set to around 160 (or as close to as I can, using the unclear dial)? Or am I completely wrong? Or can I adjust the ISO according to the sensitivity I require? So many questions!

I have experience using ISO settings on my Nikon D80.

I think that's all that's confusing me right now. Thanks!
On the FM2N's ISO dial the 2 dots between 100 and 200 represent 125 and
160. So, to set at ISO 160, you would set it at the in-between dot closest
to 200.

In general, you should set a film camera to the ISO of the film you are using
unless you plan to "push" or "pull" the film in processing (or have it
pushed/pulled by a lab). If you are new to film photography, I would
recommend you simply set the rated speed of the film for now.
Are you shooting people? Like portraits? This film is nice, but kinda soft.

Just a quick question. Do you have any film photography experience or is it just that the FM is new to you?

If you don't then I would suggest perhaps taking a short course at maybe a local camera store, or even a basic film photography book to get an idea of the principles.

The FM series are great camera's. They do kinda over expose a bit, it's just the nature of the metering. It's a manual camera there isn't really anything that's automatic.

Set the ISO to the film. Meter and adjust from there. If you google the camera you'll come up with some good reference websites.

FM2n Thom Hogan - Here's one. Small but gives you some info. It's a nice camera, worth learning for sure.
I'm going for the shameless plug here. At Creative Image Maker we have a lot of beginner's information. Might be worth a look.

Definitely try a local camera shop. Not your local one hour place, but that dark store that has fixer on the show room floor. They'll be able to help you.

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