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May 15, 2013
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St. Louis, MO. USA
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Bought all this from my sister's-friend's-father. $35 total. (The son got the Hassy)

Voigtlander Perkeo 1 6x6, I shot a roll through it and was perfect.

Kodak Brownie 127

And yet another (I have 22 in the collection,well....23) B&H 8mm camera, this one Model 172

GE Type PR-1 Meter

Assorted lot of paper, all from the mid-70's. And a couple of gray cards.

Ohhhhhh! I have several of those Hasselblad booklets as seen in your last photo, including aerial, close-up, and wildlife. The one they released on Composing in Square Format is especially Hasselblad-y! Those little booklets really were wonderful. Congratulations on some nifty ephemera and the hard goods too. Sure do love the look of the Voigtlander folder. I have a soft spot for cameras that top out at (a stated) 1/200 second!
Looks like the VOigtlander's lens is still okay and not hazed up or anything awful. I want a medium format rollfilm folder!

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