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Aug 5, 2021
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I was just recently gifted a Diana 7+ camera from Lomography and I'm not too sure how to properly use it. The instructions that are given by the manual and the website weren't too much help. I'm still new to photography and I want to use the most out of this camera. Any and all advice would help me so much


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Welcome to the site. I do not know much about plastic "toy" cameras but I'm sure there are a few peeps here that shoot with these Diana's. It does seem very simplistic. Reminds me of my Argus 75 620 camera.
Might be a few videos on You-Tube on these as well.
Tons of How-to videos online like this for Holga/Diana cameras:

Most benefit from having seams around the film back door taped-over to reduce light leaks.

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