New Photography Website

Looks good. My only problem with it is that it doesn't scale, so on a smaller screen it scrolls all over the place.
I nice cool looking site.
I have a few observations to do though:
- the watermark used is not consistent on all the images - maybe that's what you want it...
- the watermark is really annoying - I know it's necessary but maybe there are ways to make it less distracting and also this is not necessarily the best protection
- the portfolio contains images from different type of photography so it does not convey the fact that you focus on a certain area. Again, maybe that's what you want and I am actually pro diversity and flexibility and I don't think that a photographer is only good at one single type of photography but the current trend is to specialize in order to limit the competition you need to separate yourself from.

Also, personally I don't like Times New Roman family of fonts so I would change that if I were you, while still being 100% compatible with browsers etc... you know better.
thanks for the support, i made some changes to the website :) hope there are good changes.
I like your subjects. Unfortunately, the watermark makes viewing nearly impossible as it destroys each image. I'd love to look again, without the watermarks.

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