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Discussion in 'Personal and Professional Photography Websites' started by chrismc, Feb 26, 2006.

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    Hi everybody I’d be very grateful for some feedback on this new photography web site i am developing for a friend. I'm just the web developer so it would be very useful if I could get some constructive criticism on the site design from a photographer’s perspective.

    Thanks for your time

    ps. site still in development so some pages replicated; also pre-loaders not yet in place so please be patient while loading.

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    I understand you want it centered, but I think it's a little low in the browser window. Might take some tweaking of your JS, but I would redo the body {} and do a relative align div to bring it closer to the top. Also, ditch the absolute layers as a whole in your css if you can. They aren't very cross-compatible.

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