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    Has anyone seen this yet? Wondering if it's any good?

    5 years in the making, 40,000 words, and over a hundred images later, my new lighting monograph is finally here. The publisher, Watson Guptil, brought beautiful production values to this book with stunning reproduction. Those of you on this list have either taken a seminar with me or contacted me about my work. This book continues to share much of the knowledge I have about photography.

    If you are interested, please go to my website to order advance copies:

    I will also be on tour in San Jose, Portland, Seattle and New York signing books. If you can't make those dates (check my website under seminars) you can order personalized books from my site:

    I hope you enjoy it!


    Michael Grecco
    1701 Pier Avenue
    Santa Monica, CA 90405

    "What's more compelling than a human face? As a portrait photographer, Michael Grecco is has created iconic photos of the most beautiful stars of film, TV and music. He's also photographed authors and scientists, skateboarders and musicians, and the locals he meets in his travels around the country. The beauty of these unadorned portraits comes from the humanity and personality that Grecco manages to capture on film. No matter whom he's photographing, Grecco approaches every subject with intelligence, empathy, humor and intense curiosity." - Holly Stuart Hughes, Editor-in-Chief, Photo District News


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