New S5200. Shooting show next week. Help

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    Hello Everyone,

    With much help from numerous forums I have picked out a Fuji FinePix S5200/S5600 and a 1GB card. I haven't been taking any serious pictures with it yet, mainly because I want to use it for shows, but the first one comes up next week and I need to help! I am overwhelmed by everything on the S5200 as this my first SLR-like camera. I am used to those normal point and shoots with limited settings.

    About the venue. It is an indoor sports club with a little light coming through the windows on the side. I will be there the whole day so lighting will vary throughout the day. At night they usually have coloured lights. The venue is very small so I will be able to get in front, on the side of the stage and even on the stage if I want to. I plan to mainly take "still" shots during the day, and use the lighting at night to my advantage and mainly do "trail lighting" like I've seen numerous photographers do. I am also able to use flash if needed.

    I am just looking for some idea of what settings to start off with. I will definitely be testing numerous settings as I just want this to be my "trial" shoot.

    Check these links for pictures I've taken with my horrible old camera at the same venue:

    Thank you!


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