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    Dear fellow Photographers,
    We have recently developed a service for content distribution (in
    particular pictures/wallpapers) across the Net:

    The service consists in 2 softwares: one client (on the user's side)
    and one server (on our's side).
    The software (client) is free of charge.
    Users download the software, they install it on their systems (Windows,
    at the moment. Sorry Mac users but you'll have to wait a little
    After that, they choose a category of their choice and the software
    automatically downloads a picture and sets it as wallpaper for one
    The day after, they get a new picture/wallpaper.
    Simple as that!
    It's a fun way to vitalize one's desktop.
    Of course we need a lot of pictures! (365 pictures for every category a
    We ask for your contribution.
    This contribution may help you to reach a broad and growing community
    of users, that will enjoy and appreciate your pictures.

    We ask you to submit your pictures via email to ,
    with a brief description of the picture and a brief statement that
    allows our service to publish your picture on the web.

    We strongly suggest to "print" on the picture itself your name and/or
    your email address and/or your web site (please don't exaggerate too
    much, but don't be too shy also, to prevent abuses of your
    In any case, write us these data. They will be displayed in the
    software and used in the "go to the author's website" function.
    We'll send you an email telling you when your picture is scheduled for
    At present time, this is a "manual" task. In the near future, we'll
    adopt a semi-automatic submission.
    We'll always keep a strict control over the content, to prevent obvious

    Thank you for your attention,
    Strayk Staff


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