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May 1, 2005
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Cheshire, England
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Recieved my new TPF camera strap yesterday :cheer:

I'm amazed how completely different it is from all the other straps I've used. It seems to spread the weight from your neck to across your shoulders! The neoprene is really soft & warm the the loops to attach to the camera are much thicker & stronger than I expected!:thumbup: :biggrin:

This really is a great camera strap and at a great price too especially combined with a subscription to TPF!

Thanks Chase, Hobbes & anyone else involved with setting this deal up!​
:clap: :clap: :clap:
You finally got your strap on? er...strap? WAY TO GO! It is a great strap. I'm just trying to figure out if a strap like that would be strong enough for my whole camera bag! :shock: THAT thing KILLS ME!
Once I get some cash to spend I have to get one and a T-Shirt. But I believe the reviews are coming back positive.
There are t-shirts too? Damn... this place is killing me.. hehe

I swore I would get a strap as soon as I got my dSLR and I made good on that. I love the strap!
Another vote for how great the strap is. My other one used to hurt my neck and get all sweaty and icky. This one is so great, I hardly notice the strap on my neck. It helps so much with the weight of the camera. Love it!
I knew they were going to be good quality but they seriously floored me with how much better they are than I imagined. The funny part is trying to find a strap like this for anywhere near this price with this type of quality.

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