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Nov 19, 2021
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Hello, I just joined this forum. And I'm really glad about it.

Just wondering if you guys can help me? I'm brand new and can't understand what might have caused those white flares in some photos.

Is it camera, film or other problems?

Thank you.


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This looks like "light leaks" meaning that somewhere, sometime before
development, all frames were affected by light leaks at the same place.

I would point the finger toward the camera back door and its seal.
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Agreed. It's a leak from the back door. More significant on the right side of the door, though there's some evidence in the last photo that the left side leaks a bit too. The fast and quick solution is some gaffer tape to cover the back while you're shooting. A better fix is getting some black felt with adhesive back to replace the seals around the door. Try to remove the old seals first and use a bit of rubbing alcohol to clean and prep the surface for the adhesive of the new seal.
What camera?

Yup, looks like a bum light seal. Check for missing or decayed foam at the hinge side of the door. Easy DIY fix if that's the problem.

Missed Leonore's post. Try a roll with the hinge and clasp end of the door taped up. No leaks evident? Confirmed bad seals.

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