New to film, photography; Thoughts on equipment I am looking to purchase

Discussion in 'Film Discussion and Q & A' started by tahbeegee, Mar 19, 2010.

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    Hi, I am a new member to the forum, having recently gotten interested in photography. I've been dinking around with my Canon P&S, but I'm looking to getting a little more serious and invest in an SLR. Considering its cheap(er) initial cost, I felt film would be a interesting/rewarding place to start out from.

    Long term, I definitely want to get into digital photography but hope to continue on with film as well. Looking ahead, I've been looking into Nikon in planning for a system with good lens compatibility with whatever set/kinds of cameras I end up with. I've been hunting around for good deals in my area for really any Nikon SLRs, and came across this for around $75:

    Nikon EM
    Nikon MD-E Motor

    Nikon E 50/1.8
    Koboron Wideangle 28/2.8
    Kenlock 80-200/4.5

    OSRAM BC25 Flash
    Shutter cable release (I think is what it is)
    All the original manuals for all the equipment

    I checked prices around on ebay, and this seems like a great deal. Ideally, a more "controllable" camera like an FM or FE would be awesome, but there aren't really any at a reasonable price around here. What do you guys think about this setup for a beginner, as well as its value?

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    sounds ok. Koboron/Kenlock i've never heard of, but there's many such 4.5/80-200 and 2.8/28's in this world with obscure names. unless the flash has a hinged head, it isn't that useful...preferably, you want one that can be 'bounced' off a surface for indirect, diffuse lighting. see if you can pick up a cheap monopod too..most camera-shake is vertical rather than horizontal. you'll get steadier shots with a monopod (even collapsed-down and stood inside a bag, hung from your neck).

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