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Aug 12, 2010
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Hello from Maryland!

Digital photography has been an interest of mine for the past 4-5 years. Recently I purchased my first DSLR, a Canon Rebel T1i, and I love it! I still have a lot to learn, but enjoy experimenting...kind of using the "learn-as-I-go" technique. Most of my pictures are of scenery and my grandson, but I am starting to focus (no pun intended) more on close-up details of objects. I've enjoyed reading many of the posts on this forum, particularly the C and C comments. Happy picture taking, everyone!

Welcome to the forum... I too am new to the site. I think it is great that you are learning as you go. I can assure you of one thing. You will most likely retain the info better with this method of learning. My wife enjoys close up or Macro photography too. I primarily use Nikon so I'm not sure what lens to recommend for your cannon but I would love to see some of your images. I think one of my favorite images to date is a macro / HDR photo of a human eye. It is really interesting and not something I would have thought of myself, however very interesting to look at.

Again Welcome...

Thanks, Ron. At some point, I will probably post some pictures, but for now, as time allows, I want to explore the Forum a bit. I took a look at your website, and your pictures are fantastic! What beautiful memories you create for newlyweds!

Keep up the excellent work!

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