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May 26, 2013
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Hello all.

My name is Danny and I have been involved in photography since the da I built a pin hole camera, I got the bug.

My main areas of interest are within the aviation setting, although I have diversified over the years.

I have successfully had photos used as stock photos and am proud of this.

I have come across from another forum as they are full of idiots who only want to argue over blemishes and not take the photo as a whole. I don't like to use photoshop, as in the old film days you have to get the shot right and even though I use digital gear it does not mean my standards should drop.
Welcome to the site. Good place to learn, and receive feedback. peaceful for the most part. Hang in and learn. Later Ed
Welcome to the site.
Thank you for your welcomes they are greatly appricated. If I can learn something or impart my wisdom then everything will be great. I like to be around like minded individuals and others who either know what they are talking about or at least are willing to learn something else.
Welcome to the forum.

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Hello and welcome aboard Danny!

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