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May 29, 2013
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Washington State
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Hi, my names Jason,I'm a Relatively new photographer here in Washington State, I've been told many times I have a good eye for photography using just point and shoot cameras and I finally decided to take it up and snagged a Nikon D3200 bundle pack from Costco a few months ago. I started out using Picasa because it was free but quickly saw limitations so I bought Lightroom. I bought some books on my camera and been snapping photos anytime I get.
welcome Jason, hope you enjoy your d3200 a good camera.
Also there is a forum called also a good forum to learn from.
Welcome aboard, from near the other Washington.
Hello and welcome aboard Jason!
You may not get a lot of responses to your page. It's usually better to pick two or three of your favorites and post them here.
Hi, I shelly mike and I am also new to this forum. Actually I am newbie here and I am here just for introducing myself with all of you. In fact I just Came here for getting some suggestion for learning of a professional photographer. I hope I'lll learn from you experienced people.

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Welcome, Jason, enjoy your stay! Just a word of caution though: don't feed the trolls. If you ever need some advice on any particular images, feel free to message me and I'd be glad to check them out and give you some feedback!
Welcome to the site.

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