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Aug 10, 2013
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Zurich, Switzerland
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Good afternoon,
I am an amateur cultural photographer. What makes one a professional? When you sell work. I cannot part with mine. Not that my work is art to anyone but me, in fact its far from technically good. My work is very personal - the people I meet are important to me, even if I have only spent a brief moment with them.
It is in this moment that there is magic. Sometimes I catch the moment on camera as a beautiful image and sometimes it's not a great photograph.
My gift is the memory of the warm breath, the child smell of a group of playing kids in a small mountain village in Tangier as they gather around me to see the photo I have taken and giggle. It's the little boy in Saba who still haunts me, the wrinkly fisherwoman in Saigon who's smile was contagious. I do have a great photo of her. Mostly I photograph tribes - I love culture and tradition, undisturbed, so I travel to areas others might not with a curious mind and highly respectful. My promise to myself which protects the integrity of my work is this "to always only capture the dignity in humanity, regardless of the social, economic, or personal conditions". I am honored to be among such talented photographers and look forward to many insightful conversations and sharing. Bernadette
Welcome, Bernadette, from he east coast of the US, just north of Washington, DC.

From your description, your intent is close to mine.

Welcome! I'd love to see your images, please do share some of your travels!
Welcome to the site.
Welcome to the forum, Bernadette! That is a lovely and personal first post. :)

I do hope you take a loot at our Gallery section, where you can post some of your work. It sounds intriguing, and straight from your heart. We can't ask for more!
Welcome to TPF Bernadette. Your photographic goals sound laudable. Good for you!!!

Your love for photographing "tribes" as you put it called immediately to mind an article published today, which I read a few hours ago. Written by famous photographer Eric Meola, this essay deals with the huge undertaking to photograph the Native America tribes of the USA, as the 19th century came to a close, and their way of life was being eradicated rapidly. The man who undertook this huge ethnographic and photographic task was named Edward Curtis. are working in a wonderful tradition!

The essay is here Ed-Curtis
Hello and welcome to the forum!

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