New to photography~How's this achieved?


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May 4, 2006
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Hi all,

I am trying to shoot photos for online commercial use. I'm real clueless about photography and basically only have two fluorescent floodlights to work with.

I wonder what kinda of lights, techniques, camera use are used to shoot a nice photo like this.

Any advice is much appreciated!
Well you'll need a studio. White background. Soft box. Tripod. That photo probably wasn't taken by a pro since it has shadows all over the subject. It isn't easy to get that white background.
The short answer for product photography is "lots of light".

White backgrounds are easy, just get some colorama roll or a white sheet. Get the subject as far from the backdrop as possible to minimise background detail.

Light the subject from at least two sources at 45deg to the subject - a bit like this:


light ........... camera ...............light

Move one light a smidgen closer than the other to give depth to the shot. Set the camera on aperture priority and about f4 to get the whole subject in the depth of field, but the background out of it.

I wouldn't use fluorescents if you want good color and whites.
I usually agree with most answers given, but in this case will give my opinion based on over 40 years of commercial and advertising experience.
[1] The amount of light is not a major consideration, but the quality is. you can, using a tripod compensate for any amount of light.
[2] I often use fluorescent light to shoot a subject. I just set my colour balance on fluorescent and no problem [all fluoro's need to be the same colour balance]
[3] I didn't think your sample had too much shadow. A main light from the left and a fill light from the right.
[4] to get a white background is not difficult [read Rob's reply] but don't agree with him about the f stop, I often shoot at 16/22 as long as you have a smooth white background.
[5] The problem I foresee with your fluorescents is, they are probably on floor stands, and it is preferable to get the light higher than the subject, which is the natural direction light comes from.
Thrust this helps. Philip.

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