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New to photography, not to forums


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Apr 2, 2009
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Well first off my name is Ryan. I recently got a Nikon coolpix S610 since I have always wanted a nice point and shoot. It was a christmas present and I personally love the camera. I am a Mac user and have been experimenting with Aperture with little results.

Just recently I started looking around for a wide angle and fisheye lens for my camera and found a few on amazon. As a college student I have 0 disposable income so I looked for a DIY fix. It turns out I have a set of binoculars that fit my lens perfectly. I'll be sure to post my results (not sure which category that would go in?).

Well thats all I guess. My website is in my profile if anyone is curious.
Hello Ryan, and welcome to TPF. I look forward to seeing the results of your bino-cam!

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